___Htwet Yat Poute* [Great Escape]by Khin Aung Aye

(Translated by Aileen Ei Pwint Phyu, OBA member)

We say we have our victory
And we dance.

Whether once in a decade
Or a score of years,
We gather, and dance.

Whilst in secret
Our subconscious admits defeat,
And with it everyday
We wipe our eyes in discreet.

17th December 2012
Chilton Grove, London 19:04

* The translation ‘Great Escape’ does not do justice to the poem’s title. Htwat Yat Poute refers to a term used in ancient rituals when people believed their souls have transcended the human body to acquire a better life. The term was also used metaphorically by Ba Maw and General Aung San in founding Bama Htwet Yat Gaing (Freedom Bloc), a political organization established in 1939 against colonial forces, in support of Burmese independence and democracy. 



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